Lemon Custard (1)

Boil two glasses of white wine, half a pint of water, and two table-spoonfuls of brandy; when nearly cold, add the grated peel and juice of two lemons, with half a pound of pounded loaf sugar, and the well-beaten yolks of six eggs; stir it over a slow fire till it thickens, pour it into a basin, and stir now and then till cold; put it into a dish, or cups, with sifted loaf sugar over the top.

Lemon Custard (2)

Put the juice of four lemons, with three ounces of pounded loaf sugar, into a deep dish. Boil the grated peel of one lemon and two ounces of pounded loaf sugar in a quart of cream, and pour it over the juice and sugar. It will keep for four days.