Three pounds of sifted flour.

A pound of powdered sugar.

Three quarters of a pound of butter.

Four eggs.

Half a large tea-cup full of best brewer's yeast. A pint and a half of milk. A tea-spoonful of powdered cinnamon. A grated nutmeg. A table-spoonful of rose-water.

Cut up the butter in the flour. Add the sugar, spice, and rose-water. Beat the eggs very light, and pour them into the mixture. Add the yeast, (half a tea-cup or two wine-glasses full,) and then stir in the milk by degrees, so as to make it a soft dough. Cover it, and set it to rise.

When quite light, cut it in diamonds with a jagging-iron or a sharp knife, and fry them in lard. Grate loaf-sugar over them when done.