Six whites of eggs.

Six large table-spoonfuls of jelly.

A pint of cream, sweetened with loaf-sugar.

Put the jelly and white of egg into a pan, and beat it together with a whisk, till it becomes a stiff froth and stands alone.

Have ready the cream, in a broad shallow dish. Just before you send it to table, pile up the froth in the centre of the cream.

Floating Island

Boil, with a pint of milk, a bit of cinnamon, and half the peel of a lemon; when almost cold, strain it, and mix with it the beaten white of one, and the yolks of three eggs; stir it over the fire till thick, pour it into a dish, and stir it now and then till cold. Whisk the whites of two eggs, and half a pint of Guava, quince, or red currant jelly, till it be a very stiff.