A pint and a half of rich cream.

A (mart and a half-pint of morning's milk.

One pound of loaf-sugar.

Two eggs.

One table-spoonful of flour.

Two lemons.

Or half a Vanilla bean, split into small pieces. Or two ounces of sweet almonds and one ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and split into pieces.

Take half of the milk and put in the ingredient that is to flavor it, either the vanilla, the almonds, or the grated rind of the lemons. Boil it, stirring in gradually the sugar.

Having beaten the eggs well, add to them two table-spoonfuls of cold milk, and pour them into the boiling milk. Let them simmer two or three minutes, stirring them all the time. Then take the mixture off the fire and strain it through book-muslin into a pan. Add the cream and the remainder of the milk, and put the whole into the tin freezer, which must be set in a tub filled with ice, among which must be scattered a great deal of salt.

Squeeze the juice from the two lemons and stir it into the cream, by degrees, while it is freezing.

When it is all frozen, turn it out, first dipping the tin for a moment in warm water.

If you wish to flavor it with strawberry or raspberry juice, that, like the lemon-juice, must be stirred gradually in while the cream is freezing.

In places where cream is not abundant, this receipt (though inferior in richness) will be found more economical than the preceding one. It is, however, less easy and expeditious.