A quart of rich cream, boiled and set away till cold.

Half a pound of powdered loaf-sugar.

The juice of two large lemons, or a pint of strawberries or raspberries; or an ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and pounded in a mortar with rose-water.

Put the cream into a broad pan. Then stir in the sugar by degrees, and when all is well mixed, strain it through a sieve.

Put it into a tin that has a close cover, and set it in a tub. Fill the tub with ice broken into very small pieces, and strew among the ice a large quantity of salt, taking care that none of the salt gets into the cream. Scrape the cream down with a spoon as it freezes round the edges of the tin. While the cream is freezing, stir in gradually the lemon-juice, or the juice of a pint of mashed strawberries or rasp berries. When it is all frozen, dip the tin in lukewarm water; take out the cream, and fill your glasses; but not till a few minutes before you want to use it, as it will very soon melt.

You may heighten the color of the red fruit, by a little cochineal.

If you wish to have it in moulds, put the cream into them as soon as it has frozen in the tin. Set the moulds in a tub of ice and salt. Just before you want to use the cream, take the moulds out of the tub, wipe or wash the salt carefully from the outside, dip the moulds in lukewarm water, and turn out the cream.

You may flavor a quart of ice-cream with two ounces of sweet almonds and one ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and beaten in a mortar with a little rose-water to a smooth paste. Stir in the almonds gradually while the cream is freezing.