Fried Whitings (1)

Take as many whitings as you may require; cleanse, scale, and wipe them dry; then run them through the eyes with a skewer, soak them well in milk; flour, and fry them of a nice color. Serve them on a napkin.

Fried Whitings (2)

Skin them, preserve the liver, and fasten their tails to their mouths; dip them in egg, then in broad-crumbs, and fry them in hot lard, or split them, and fry them like fillets of soles. A three-quart stewpan, half full of fat, is the best utensil to fry whitings. They will be done enough in about five minutes; but it will sometimes require a quarter of an hour, to drain the fat from them and dry them (if the fat you put them into was not hot enough), turning them now and then with a fishslice.