Make a rich gravy with, a bit of veal, the heads and fins of four or five haddocks, three or four onions, some parsley, a little cayenne, black pepper and salt, the juice of a lemon, half the peel, a table-spoonful of ketchup, half a pint of white wine, and two quarts of water; simmer them for an hour, strain, and put to it the meat of a lobster or crab minced, and forcemeat balls; thicken it with half a pint of cream, the yolks of three eggs beaten, and a pint of butter kneaded in flour. Have ready boiled three haddocks skinned and without their heads, pour the sauce over them in a deep dish. Make the forcemeat balls of a small boiled haddock finely minced, grated bread crumbs, butter, pepper, salt, grated nutmeg, and paisley; bind them with the whites of two eggs beaten, and fry them in fresh lard of a light brown.