Two pounds and a half of flour, sifted. One pound of fresh butter. One quart of sugar-house molasses. Two ounces of ginger, or more, if it is not very strong.

Twelve dozen grains of allspice,

Six dozen cloves,

Half an ounce of cinnamon, powdered and sifted.

A half tea-spoonful of pearl-ash or sal aeratus, dissolved in a little vinegar.

Cut up the butter in the flour, and mix it with the ginger and oilier spice. Wet the whole with the molasses, and stir all well together with a knife. Then add the dissolved pearl-ash or sal aeratus.

Throw some flour on your paste-board, take the dough (a large handful at a time) and knead it in separate cakes. Then put all together, and knead it very hard for a long lime, in one large lump. Cut the lump in" half, roll it out in two even sheets, about half an inch thick, and cut it out in little cakes, with a very small tin, about the size of a cent. Lay them in buttered pans, and bake them in a moderate oven, taking care they do not scorch, as gingerbread is more liable to burn than any other cake.

The oven should be hottest at top.

You may, if you choose, shape the gingerbread nuts, by putting flour in your hand, taking a very small piece of the dough, and rolling it into a little round ball.

If the molasses is thin, or the weather warm, they will require additional flour.

Gingerbread nuts are best when a week old.

Gingerbread Nuts (1)

Take four pounds of flour, half a pound of sifted sugar, an ounce of caraway-seeds, half an ounce of ginger pounded and sifted, six ounces of fresh butter, and two ounces of candied orange-peel cut into small slices; then take a pound of treacle or honey, and a gill of cream, make them warm together; mix it, with all the ingredients, into a paste, and let it lay six hours; then roll it out, make it into nuts, and bake them in a moderate oven.

Gingerbread Nuts (2)

Take one pound of dried and sifted flour, one pound of treacle, three ounces of brown sugar, four ounces of fresh butler, one ounce and a half of pounded and sifted ginger, of candied orange-peel and citron, cut small, three-quarters of an ounce each; melt the butter with the treacle, and when it is about milk-warm, add it to the flour and other ingredients, and then mix all well together; with a spoon drop the nuts upon buttered tins, and bake them.

Gingerbread Nuts (3)

Dissolve a quarter of a pound of butter in three-quarters of a pound of treacle, put it into a pan large enough to contain the rest of the ingredients, and when almost cold, stir in one pound of dried and sifted flour, half a pound of coarse brown sugar, half an ounce of caraway seeds, three-quarters of an ounce of pounded ginger, and the grated peel of a lemon; mix all these well together, and let it stand till it be stiff, or till the following day, then make it into nuts, by pinching it into pieces with the finger and thumb. Bake them upon buttered tins in a quick oven. Half an ounce of coriander seeds may be added.

Gingerbread Nuts (4)

Rub half a pound of butler into two pounds of flour; add one pound of coarse sugar, and one ounce of pounded ginger; mix all well together with one pound and two ounces of treacle; form it into nuts, or roll it out, and cut it into round cakes; bake them upon tins.