How To Choose Goose

Be careful in choosing a goose, that the bill and feet are yellow, as it will be young: when old the feet and bill are red. When they are fresh the feet are pliable; if stale they are dry and stiff. Green geese are in season from May or June, till they are three months old; they should be scalded. A stubble goose is good till it is five or six months old, and should be picked dry.

Goose Roasted

A stubble goose should be stuffed with sage and onions, chopped small, and mixed with pepper and salt; boil the sage and onion in a little water before they are chopped, or mix a few bread crumbs with them when chopped; either will render them less strong. Put it first at a distace from the fire, and by degrees draw it nearer A slip of paper should be skewered on the breast bone. Baste it very well. When the breast is rising, take off the paper, and be careful to serve it before the breast falls, it will be spoiled by coming to table flattened. Serve it with good gravy and apple sauce, in boats It will take about an hour and a half to roast.

Goose To Truss

The goose must be first well picked and stubbed, then cut off the pinions at the first joint, and the feet also. Make a slit in the back of the neck, and take out the throat, cut off the neck close to the back and the skin, but leave enough to turn over the back; make a slit between the vent and the rump, through which draw out the entrails, then wipe it clean. Draw the legs up, keeping them close to the side, then put a skewer into the wing, through the middle of the leg, body, and the leg and wing on the other eide; put another skewer through the small of the leg, which keep close to the sidesmen; run it through, and do the same on the other side. Cut through the end of the vent, through which put the rump, to prevent the stuffing from falling out.