Gooseberry Cakes

Break the gooseberries, press out the juice, and strain it through a muslin; to one pint of juice a pound of sugar; boil up the juice; strew in the sugar;. stir it well; simmer it well till the sugar is melted; pour it into glasses: dry it in a stove till it will turn out, then dry the cakes on plates.

Green, Compote Of Gooseberries

Give them a little cut on one side to squeeze out the seeds, and put them in hot water to scald, till they rise to the top; then put cold water to them, adding a little salt, to bring them to their natural green; simmer them in clarified sugar, and let them remain in sometime to imbibe the sweet; take them out, and put them in the compotier; reduce the sirup to a good consistence, and pour it over the fruit. This is for green gooseberries; but if you make use of preserved ones, warm them in their own sirup and a little water, and serve it either hot or cold. These will not keep long, particularly if they have been wanned again: if exposed to the air any time, they will lose their color.