Green-Gages To Candy

When finished in the sirup, (see green-gages to preserve,) put a layer into a new sieve, and dip it suddenly into hot water, to take off" the sirup that hangs about it; then put it on a napkin before the fire to drain, and then do some more on the sieve. Have ready some sifted double-refined sugar, silt this all over every part of the fruit, till it is perfectly white. Set it on the shallow end of sieves in a lightly warm oven, and turn it two or three tunes. It must not be cold till dry. Watch it carefully.

Green Gages To Preserve

You must choose the largest, when they begin to soften; split without paring them,and having previously weighed an equal quantify of sugar, strew a part of it over them; blanch the kernels with a small sharp knife; next day, pour the sirup from the fruit, and boil it with the other sugar, very gently, for six or eight minutes; skim, and add the plums and kernels. Simmer till clear, taking off any scum that rises; put the fruit single into small pots, and pour the sirup and kernels upon it.