Put a pound of gum-dragon in a basin, with warm water enough to cover one inch above the gum; set this in a warm closet for four and twenty hours; have a new tammy ready laid over a dish; spread it on it, and squeeze through as much as you can at first; then open the tammy, spread the gum out again, and then squeeze it; repeat this till the whole is through; then lay it on the slab, work it well with your hand, put in nearly all the juice of one lemon, and a pound of the best doable refined powder-sugar, by degrees, as you work it; but before you have put in the whole of the sugar, begin to add some of the best starch powder; blend them thoroughly together, till the paste begins to take an impression; then roll it in a cloth, and let it stand in a damp place for a week or ten days, (it is the better for keeping), work it with powder, and it will cut and mould to any shape you please, and when you want it to harden, set it in a dry place; if you wish to color it, to make it red, use cochineal or carmine; for blue or violet color, use indigo; for yellow, saffron; for green, the juice of beet leaves, scalded over the fire, the thick part mix with the paste. When you put in colors, be careful to blend them well, and be particular that the color is good.

Hartshorn Cream

Boil a quarter of a pound of hartshorn-shavings in three pints of water; when reduced to half a pint, strain it through a jelly-bag; put it to a pint of cream and a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar, and give them one boil together; then put it into cups or glasses, and let them stand till cold, when turn them out on a dish; stick some sliced blanched almonds on the top of each. White wine and sugar is usually eaten with them.