Cut half a pound of fillet of veal into dice, and put it into a stewpan with a piece of butter, a few mushrooms, parsley, shallots chopped small, salt, pepper, and spices; stir them up with a wooden spoon; and when the meat has been on the fire about a quarter of an hour, take the drain off the butter, mince it very small, and put it into a mortar, with fifteen fowl or game livers, well washed, dried, and parboiled, all the bitter parts taken out, pound them, adding at times as much panada as you have meat; boil some calf's udder, trim, and remove all the skin when cold, and put about a third of the quantity of meat, and pound them together, adding, one at a time, three yolks, and three whole eggs; season with salt, pepper, and spices; when well pounded, set it by in an earthen pan for use.