Put your dripping into a clean saucepan over a stove or slow fire; when it is just going to boil, skim it well, let it boil, and then let it stand till it is a little cooled; then pour it through a sieve into a pan. Observations: Well-cleansed drippings, and the fat skimmings of the broth-pot, when fresh and sweet, will baste everything as well as butter except game and poultry, and should supply the place of butter for common fries, &c; for which they are equal to lard, especially if you repeat the clarifying twice over. N. B. - If you keep it in a cool place, you may preserve it a fortnight in summer, and longer in winter. When you have done frying, let the dripping stand a few minutes to settle, and then pour it through a sieve into a clean basin or stone pan, and it will do a second and a third time as well as it did the first; only the fat you have fried fish in must not be used for any other purpose.