Devonshire Junket (1)

Turn some new milk from the cow with a little rennet; sweeten some thick cream, add a little pounded cinnamon, make it scalding hot, and when cold pour it over the curd, and put a little wine and sugar into the bottom of the dish.

Devonshire Junket (2)

Turn some new milk, as for cheese cakes, in a wide shallow dish; when cold, pour over the top a pint of rich cream mixed with pounded loaf sugar, six dessert spoonfuls of brandy, and some grated nutmeg.

Devonshire White Pot

Beat up a pint of cream with four eggs, a little salt, some sliced nutmeg, and a good deal of sugar; then slice very thin, almost the whole of the crum of a penny loaf; put it into a dish; pour the eggs and cream to it; a handful of Smyrna raisins boiled, and a little sweet butter: bake it.