Devil (1)

Score the leg of a roasted turkey, goose, or fowl; pepper and salt it well, broil it, and pour over it the following sauce made quite hot: three table-spoonfuls of gravy, one of melted butter, and one of lemon juice, a large wine-glass of Port wine, of mustard, Chili vinegar, Harvey sauce, and mushroom catchup, a tea-spoonful each; a little Cayenne and pepper. The devil may be served without a sauce, and be more highly seasoned. When this dish is to be served cold, the fat being carefully removed from the goose, it may be ornamented or covered with cold jelly made as follows: - Boil for five hours in four quarts of water the bones of the goose, with three nicely cleaned calf's feet, strain it, and when cold take off all the fat, and boil the jelly with some whole pepper, ginger, and salt; add two ounces of dissolved isinglass, the juice of two lemons, and the beaten whites of three or four eggs; stir it while it is upon the fire, and allow it to boil about ten minutes; then run it through a jelly-bag, and repeat this till it becomes quite clear.

Devil (2)

The gizzard and rump, or legs, etc. of a dressed turkey, capon, or goose, or mutton or veal kidney, scored, peppered, salted, and broiled, sent up for a relish, being made very hot, has obtained the name of a "devil."