Cut them through the long way, score them, and sprinkle them over with a little pepper and salt; in order to broil all over alike, and to keep them from curling on the gridiron, run a wire skewer right through them. They must be broiled over a clear fire, being careful to turn them frequently till they are done; they will take about ten or twelve minutes broiling, provided they are done over a brisk fire; or, if you choose, you may fry them in butter, and make gravy for them in the pan (after the kidneys are taken out), by putting in a tea-spoonful of flour; as soon as it looks brown, put in a sufficient quantity of water as will make gravy; they will take five minutes longer frying than broiling. Garnish with fried parsley: you may improve them if you think proper, by chopping a few parsley leaves very fine, mix them with a bit of fresh butter, and a little pepper and salt, and then put some of this mixture over each kidney.