Potted Calf's Feet

Boil the feet as for jelly, pick all the meat from the bones, add to it half a pint of gravy, a little salt, pepper, and nutmeg, garlic, a shallot and some shred ham; simmer it for half an hour, dip a mould into water, put in a layer of the meat, then some neatly-cut pickled beet root, and some boiled minced paisley, then a layer of meat, and so on, till the mould be filled; when cold, turn it out. Garnish with pickled eggs, beet root, and parsley.

Plain Calf's Feet

Clean, and blanch some calves' feet till the bones will come out, them stew them in a blanc. See Calf's Head plain. When done, drain and serve them with parsley and butter.