Hashed Calf's Head

Boil the head almost enough, and take the meat of the best side neatly from the bone, and lay it in a small dish; wash it over with the yolks of two eggs, and cover it with crumbs, a few herbs nicely shred, a little pepper, salt, and nutmeg, all mixed together previously. Set the dish before the fire, and keep turning it now and then, that all parts may be equally brown. In the meantime slice the remainder of the head, and the tongue, (peeled); put a pint of good gravy into a pan, with an onion, a small bunch of herbs, (consisting of parsley, basil, savory, tarragon, knotted marjoram, and a little thyme), a. little salt and Cayenne, a shallot, a glass of Sherry, and a little oyster liquor: boil this for a few minutes, and strain it upon the meat, which must be sprinkled with flour.

Add some fresh or pickled mushrooms, a few truffles and morels, and two spoonfuls of catchup; beat up half the brains, and put them to the rest, with a bit of butter and flour. Simmer the whole. Beat the other part of the brains with shred lemon-peel, a little nutmeg and mace, some parsley shred, and an egg; fry this in little cakes of a fine gold color; dip some oysters into the yolk of an egg, and fry the same way, also some good forcemeat balls, and garnish the dish with them.

Calf's Head

With a sharp knife cut all the meat entire from the bone, cut out the tongue, and carefully take out the brains; lay them all in cold water for two or three hours. Mince very small two pounds of lean veal, and one pound of beef suet, with the grated crumb of a penny loaf, some sweet herbs, grated lemon-peel, nutmeg, pepper, and salt; mix them well together, and bind it with the yolks of four eggs beaten up; reserve as much of the forcemeat as will make twenty small balls: wash the head clean, wipe it dry, and put the forcemeat into the inside; close it, and tie it firmly with tape; put it into a stewpan with two quarts of gravy, half a pint of white wine, and a bunch of sweet herbs; cover it closely, and let it stew gently; boil the tongue, cut it into thin slices, mince the brains with a little parsley and a table-spoonful of flour, add some pepper, salt, grated lemon-peel, and nutmeg; beat two eggs and mix with the brains, drop it with a spoon in small cakes into a pan of boiling dripping, and fry them of a light brown color. Fry the forcemeat balls, and drain them, with the cakes, upon the back of a sieve before the fire; when the head has stewed till it be sufficiently tender, put it into a dish and take off the tape, strain the gravy, and thicken it with a table-spoonful of flour of rice, and a little bit of butter; if not well seasoned, add more salt and pepper, put in the tongue, make it all hot, and pour it over the head.

Garnish with the brain-cakes, forcemeat balls, and cut lemon.

Roasted Calf's Head

Wash and clean it well, parboil it, take out the bones, brains, and tongue; make forcemeat sufficient for the head, and some calls with bread crumbs, minced suet, parsley, grated ham, and a little pounded veal, or cold fowl; season with pepper, salt, grated nutmeg, and lemon-peel; bind it with an egg, beaten up, fill the head with it, which must then be sewed up, or fastened with skewers and tied. While roasting, baste it well with butter; beat up the brains with a little cream, the yolk of an egg, some minced parsley, a little pepper and salt; blanch the tongue, cut it into slices, and fry it with the brains, forcemeat balls, and thin slices of bacon. Serve the head with white or brown thickened gravy, and place the tongue, forcemeat balls, and brains round it. Garnish with cut lemon. It will require one hour and a half to roast.

Plain Calf's Head

Clean a calf's head nicely, and cut out the bone of the lower jaw, and of the nose, taking out the nose bone as close to the eyes as possible; wash the head well in warm water, and let it blanch in some clean water. Prepare a blanc, or sauce, as follows: - One pound of beef suet, and one pound of fat bacon, cut small, half a pound of butter, a bunch of parsley, a little thyme, two or three bay leaves, one or two onions, and the juice of a lemon; season with salt, pepper, mace, cloves, and allspice; boil all this an hour in six pints of water, then tie up the head in a cloth, boil it in the sauce about three hours, and drain it; take out the tongue, skin and replace it; serve quite hot, with the following sauce - minced shallots, parsley, the brains minced, some vinegar, salt, and pepper.

Soused Calf's Head

Scald and bone a calf's head, and soak it for seven or eight hours, changing the water twice; dry it well. Season with salt and bruised garlic; roll it up, bind it. very tight, and boil it in white wine, salt and water; when done, put it, with the liquor, in a pan, and keep it for use. Serve up either whole, or in slices, with oil, vinegar, and pepper.

Bigaree Calf's Head

Clean and blanch a calf's head, boil it till the bones will come out easily, then bone and press it between two dishes, so as to give it an oblong form; beat with the yolks of four eggs a little melted butter, pepper, and salt. Divide the head when cold, and brush it all over with the beaten eggs, and strew over it grated bread; repeat this twice. With the grated bread, which is put over one half, a good quantity of finely-minced parsley should be mixed; place the head upon a dish, and bake it of a nice brown color. Serve it with a sauce of parsley and butter, and with one of good gravy, mixed with the brains which have been previously boiled, and chopped, and seasoned with a little Cayenne and salt.