Blanch two pounds of sweet almonds, beat them to a paste in a mortar, moistening occasionally with Canary and orange-flower water; beat the yolks of twelve, and the whites of seven eggs with a pint of cream and some powder sugar; put this with the almond paste and half a pound of fresh butter into a saucepan, set it over a stove and keep it constantly stirring till sufficiently firm to be moulded into the shape of a hedgehog: stick it full of blanched almonds, cut lengthwise, into slips, and place it in a dish; beat up the yolks of four eggs, put them to a pint of cream (sweetened to the taste); stir them over a slow fire till hot, then pour it round the hedgehog and let it stand: when cold, serve it. A good calf's-foot jelly may be poured round, instead of the cream, if preferred.