Take large and fresh-gathered cucumbers; split them down and take out all the seeds; lay them in salt and water that will bear an egg, three days; set them on a fire with cold water, and a small lump of alum, and boil them a lew minutes, or till tender; drain them, and pour on them a thin sirup; let them lie two days; boil the sirup again, and put it over the cucumbers; repeat it twice more; then have ready some fresh clarified sugar, boiled to a blow; put in the cucumbers, simmer it five minutes; set it by till next day; boil the sirup and cucumbers again, and set them in glasses for use.

Cucumbers, Small

Weigh equal proportions of small green cucumbers and of fine loaf sugar, clarify it; rub the cucumbers with a cloth, scald them in hot water, and, when cold, put them into the sirup, with some white ginger and the peel of a lemon; boil them gently for ten minutes. The following day just let them boil, and repeat this three times, and the last, boil them till tender and clear.