Take part of a neck of mutton, cut it into chops, season it well, put it into a stewpan, let it brase for half an hour, take two dozen of potatoes, boil them, mash them, and season them, butter your mould, and line it with the potatoes, put in the mutton, bake it for half an hour, then it will be done, cut a hole in the top, and add some good gravy to it.

Irish Stew

Take five thick mutton chops, or two pounds off the neck or loins, two pounds of potatoes; peel them, and cut them in halves; six onions, or half a pound of onions; peel and slice them also: first put a layer of potatoes at the bottom of your stewpan, then a couple of chops and some of the onions; then again potatoes, and so on, till the pan is quite fuli; a small spoonful of white pepper, and about one and a half of salt, and three gills of broth or gravy, and two tea-spoonfuls of mushroom ketchup; cover all very close in, so as to prevent the steam from getting out, and let them stew for an hour and a half on a very slow fire. A small slice of ham is a great addition to this dish. The cook will be the best judge when it is done, as a great deal depends on the fire you have. Great care must be taken not to let it burn, and that it does not do too fast.