Italian Cream (1)

Boil a pint and a half of milk in a stewpan, then add to it the peel of a young lemon, some coriander seed, a bit of cinnamon, rather more than half a quarter of a pound of sugar, and two or three grains of salt; let it boil till half is consumed; then let it stand to cool, and have ready in another stewpan a little flour, beat up with the yolks of six eggs; stir it by degrees into the cream; strain it through a sieve, and put it in the dish for table, placing the dish in some hot water over the fire till the cream is set. Before serving, brown with a salamander.

Italian Cream (2)

Put a gill of good fresh cream, two eggs, three spoonfuls of powder-sugar, and a little orange-flower water, into a pan, and whip them up together; and when the cream is sufficiently thick, put it into a deep dish, with plenty of powder-sugar; set it on hot ashes, cover it, and lay hot ashes on the top, which must be renewed until the cream is done enough; then let it cool, and serve it.