Orange Cream (1)

Squeeze and strain the juice of eleven oranges, sweeten it well with pounded loaf sugar, stir it over a slow fire till the sugar be dissolved, and take off the scum as it rises; when cold, mix it with the well-beaten yolks of twelve eggs, to which a pint of cream has been added; stir it again over the fire till thick. Serve in a glass dish or custard-cups.

Orange Cream (2)

Sweeten, with pounded loaf sugar, a quart of good cream; mix with it a small wine-glass of orange-flower water, the grated rind and the juice of a Seville orange; whisk it till quite thick; soak some macaroons in white wine, and pile them in the middle of a glass or china dish, and heap the whipped cream over them as high as possible. Some hours after, ornament it with slices of green citron cut into straws, and stuck into the cream.