Fill a quart bottle with the blossoms of lavender, and pour on it as much brandy as it will contain; let it stand ten days, then strain it, and add of nutmeg bruised, cloves, mace, and cochineal, a quarter of an ounce each, and bottle it for use. In nervous cases, a little may be taken dropped on a bit of sugar; and in the beginning of a bowel complaint, a tea-spoonful, taken in half a glass of peppermint water, will often prove efficacious.

Lavender Water

Put into a large bottle, eight ounces of the best rectified spirits of wine, three drachms of oil of lavender, one drachm of essence of ambergris, and threepence-worth of musk; cork it tightly, and shake it well every day, for a fortnight or three weeks.