Boil the peel of two large lemons till they are quite tender, and then pound it well in a mortar, with four or five ounces of loaf sugar, the yolks of six eggs, half a pound of fresh butter, and a little curd beaten fine: pound and mix altogether, lay a rich puff paste in some patty-pans, fill them half full, and bake them carefully.

Lemon Cheesecakes

Mix four ounces of sifted lump sugar, and four ounces of butter together, and gently melt it; then add the yolks of two, and the white of one egg, the rind of three lemons shred fine, and the juice of one lemon and a half, one savory biscuit, some blanched almonds, pounded, three spoonfuls of brandy; mix the whole well together, and put it to paste made with the following ingredients: eight ounces of Hour, six ounces of butter, two-thirds of which must be mixed with the flour first; then wet it with six spoonfuls of water, and roll in the remainder of the butter.

Citron Cheesecakes

Boil a pint of cream, and when cold, mix with it two eggs well-beaten; then boil them together until they become a curd. Beat a few blanched almonds in a mortar, with a little orange-flower water; put them to the curd, and add some Naples biscuits and green citron, chopped very small. Sweeten, and bake in tins.