Allow to a pound of lemons eighteen ounces of fine loaf sugar: grate the rind of a few; cut them into half; squeeze and strain the juice; boil the skins in the same way as those of the orange skins are done; scoop out the pulp and white part; cut half into thin chips or parings, and pound the other half in a mortar; pound the sugar, and pour over it the juice; stir, and let it boil for five minutes; skim it; take it off the fire; put in the parings and the pounded skins; boil it for five minutes, then add the grated peel, and let it boil for five minutes more; take it off", and stir it til! half cold, before putting it into jars.

Lemon Rinds Marmalade

Having squeezed the juice from your lemons, cut out all the white part, and put the rinds into boiling water; as soon as they begin to soften, take them from the fire, and throw them into cold water; then lay them on a sieve to drain, and make them into marmalade, in the same manner as apricots. Orange rinds are done this way.