Rasp your lemons all round, very thin, and for every quarter of a pound of rind, allow one pound of sugar; mix it well with a large spaddle till you find it is all of the same color, and that the rind is well mixed; put it into a stone jar, and press it down as hard as you can; put a bladder over the paper you cover with, and tie it over quite tight; put it by, and in a month's time it will be fit for use.

Lemon-Peel Essence

Wash and brush clean the lemons; let them get perfectly dry: take a lump of loaf sugar, and rub them till all the yellow rind is taken up by the sugar: scrape off the surface of the sugar into a preserving pot, and press it hard down; cover it very close, and it will-keep for sometime.

Lemon-Peel Quintessence

Best oil of lemon, one drachm, strongest rectified spirit, two ounces, introduced by degrees till the spirit kills, and completely mixes with the oil. This elegant preparation possesses all the delightful fragrance and flavor of the freshest lemon-peel. Observations: A few drops on the sugar you make punch with will instantly impregnate it with as much flavor as the troublesome and tedious method of grating the rind, or rubbing the sugar on it. It will be found a superlative substitute for fresh lemon-peel for every purpose that it is used for: blancmange, jellies, custards, ice, negus, lemonade, and pies and puddings, stuffings, soups, sauces, ragouts, &.c.

Lemon-Peel Tincture

A very easy and economical way of obtaining, and preserving the flavor of lemon-peel, is to fill a wide-mouthed pint bottle half full of brandy, or proof spirit; and when you use a lemon, pare the rind off very thin, and put it into the brandy, &c: in a fortnight it will impregnate the spirit with the flavor very strongly.

Lemon Juice To Preserve

Squeeze, and strain a pint of lemon-juice; put into a China basin one pound of double-refined sugar finely pounded and sifted, add the lemon-juice, and stir it with a silver spoon till the sugar be perfectly dissolved. Bottle it, and cork it tightly; seal the cork, or tie bladder over it, and keep it in a dry coo! place.