Lemon Peel Candied

Take some thick-rinded lemons, pare off the yellow peel, and throw it into boiling water till soft, when it must be put into cold water. Clarify some fine sugar, and boil it au petit lisse, and having drained the lemon-peel, pour on it the sirup (whilst hot); the next day boil the sirup again, and return it to the peel; the third and fourth days proceed in the same manner, adding a small quantity of clarified sugar; the last time the sirup is boiled, as soon as it rises to perle, put in the peel, cover and boil the whole together once, and when cold, drain and dry them in a stove.

How To Candy Lemon Peel

Take some lemon-peels, and clean them well from the pulp, and let them lay two days in salt and water; then scald and drain them dry, then boil them in a thin sirup till they look quite clear. After which, take them out, and have ready a thick sirup made with fine loaf sugar; put them into it, and simmer them till the sugar-candies about the pan and peels. Then lay them separately on a hair sieve to drain, strew sifted sugar over them, and set them to dry in a slow oven.

Lemon Peel, Caramel

Take some very dry preserved lemon-peel, and cut it into several small square pieces; put these pieces each on the point of little slicks for this purpose, and dip them into caramel sugar as directed. See chestnuts au caramel.

Lemon Peel Sirup Of

Take five ounces of fresh lemon-peel, put it into a glass cucurbite, which has been gradually heated; pour on them two pounds of nearly boiling water; close the vessel very tight, and place it on hot ashes for twelve hours; after which, let the infusion run out gently without pressing the peel; add two pounds of powder-sugar, and then boil the whole to grand perle, when about half cold, put in a few drops of spirit of lemon.