Angelica Liqueur

Wash, scrape, and cut in small pieces, twelve ounces of fresh, or half the quantity of Bohemian angelica roots, and infuse them for a week in six pints of brandy and one of water, with a drachm of mace, two drachms of cinnamon, and twelve cloves; at the end of that time distil it, then dissolve three pounds of sugar in three pints of water; mix it with the liqueur, strain it through a jelly-bag, or filter it through paper. Observe, that the best brandy for liqueurs is that which is made at Montpelier, as it yields more in distillation than the Cogniac. Take notice also that the first drops which fall from the alembic after it is placed on the stove, must not be mixed with the liqueur. A glass should, therefore, be placed under the mouth of the alembic to receive them, and when about a quarter of it is filled you may remove it, and place your bottles or matrass. The phlegm, as these droppings are called, are good for nothing.

Vanilla Cream Liqueur

Dissolve over the fire two pounds ten ounces of broken sugar, in three pints of purified river water; when it has boiled up once, pour it into a jar, on three drachms of vanilla, cut in pieces, and half a grain of amber. When quite cold, add three pints of good brandy, cover the vessel, and when it has infused six days, color it with a little prepared cochineal; filter, and bottle the liqueur. Cork the bottles tight, and seal the corks.

Wormwood Creme Liqueur

Distil in the bain-marie the zests of two oranges, and half a pound of fresh gathered wormwood tops, in a gallon of brandy, which will produce nearly half the quantity of liqueur. Dissolve four pounds of sugar in as many pints of filtered river water; mix this sirup with the liqueurs run it through a jelly-bag, and bottle it.