Two pounds of sifted flour, setting aside half a pound to sprinkle in at the last. One pound of fresh butter. One pound of powdered sugar. Four eggs.

One pound raisins, stoned, and cut in half.

One pound of currants, washed and dried.

Half a pint of milk.

Half a glass of wine.

Half a glass of brandy

A table-spoonful of mixed spice, mace, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Half a pint of the best brewer's yeast: or more, if the yeast is not very strong.

Cut up the butter in the milk, and warm it till the butter is quite soft; then stir it together, and set it away to cool. It must not be made too warm. After you have beaten the eggs, mix them with the butter and milk, and stir the whole into the pan of flour. Add the spice and liquor, and stir in the sugar gradually. Having poured off the thin part from the top, stir the yeast, and pour it into the mixture. Then sprinkle in the remainder of the flour.

Have ready the fruit, which must be we'd floured, stir it gradually into the mixture. Butter a large tin pan, and put the cake into it. Cover it, and set it in a warm place for five or six hours to rise. When quite light, bake it in a moderate oven.

This cake is best the day it is baked.