Take sixteen pounds of fine sharp cherries, stone and take off the stalks; put them into five quarts of brandy to infuse, covered close for three days, then distil the infusion; distil also a pound of cherry-leaves in six quarts of filtered river water, from which you will obtain about a gallon; dissolve in this four pounds and a half of fine sugar; add it to the liqueur, with two pints and a half of kirschen-wasser, an ounce and four drachms of spirits of rose, the same of orange-flowers, and three drachms of spirits of jessamin; mix them altogether, run it through a jelly-bag, and bottle it; cork them well.

Conserve Of Maraschino

Pound and sift some of the best lump sugar, mix it in a china basin with spirit of maraschino, until it is of the consistence of pastil paste; then put it into a skillet over the fire, and heat it gently, stirring it constantly (but without letting it boil,) till very liquid, when it may be poured into funnel-shaped tin moulds; put these moulds on iron plates, and dry the conserve in a stove.

Maraschino Ice Cream

Take two quarts of cream, twelve eggs, a pound of double-refined sugar, and three glasses of true maraschino; put the cream on to boil, and in the meantime whisk the whites of the eggs to a firm snow, then pour in eight yolks, and the sugar pounded and sifted, stir them together lightly, and then add by degress the boiling cream, whipping continually; set it on the fire, and do not cease whipping until it has boiled up three or four times; pour it through a sieve into a basin, stirring a little to enable it to run more freely; when cold put it into the sor-betiere with the maraschino; cover it instantly, and ice it as usual.