Take a pound of sweet almonds, blanch and throw them into cold water, drain and pound them, moistening with orange-flower and plain water, but take care not to put too much at once. The almonds being reduced to a paste, put them into a preserving pan with half a pound of powder sugar, set the pan on a moderate fire to dry the paste, which will be sufficiently so if, when you touch it, it no longer sticks to your finger, then take it out and place it on a plate or wafer paper, previously sprinkled with sugar: as soon as it is cold cut it in pieces, which roil in your hand to the size of your little finger; form them into rings, and lay them on iron gratings, glaze and put them into a brisk oven to color. The above paste may also be employed as follows: roll it out and cut it in half, spread over one piece apricot marmalade, or any other preserve you please, cover it with the other piece, cut it into lozenges, crescents, etc, according to your fancy, lay them on the grating as above, glaze and co-lor them in a quick oven.