Meringues (1)

Whisk the whiles of nine eggs to a solid froth; then add the rind of six lemons, grated extremely fine, and a spoonful of sifted sugar; after which, lay a sheet of wet paper on a tin, and with a spoon drop the mixture in little lumps, separately upon it, sift sugar over, and put them to bake in a moderately heated oven, taking care that they are done of a nice color. Then put raspberry, apricot, or any other kind of jam between two of these bottoms, add them together, and lay them in a warm place, or before the fire to dry.

Meringues (2)

Take the whites of twelve eggs, six ounces of the best lump sugar, pounded and sifted, and half a pound of pistachios; blanch and beat the latter in a mot tar, with a little white of egg, to a very fine paste. Whisk the whites of eggs to a snow, then add the sugar, and pistachio paste, mix them well, but very lightly, and when they are thoroughly incorporated, put some sheets of paper on tin plates, lay your preparation on the paper, with a spoon, lay the meringues, at least an inch apart; sprinkle sifted sugar over them, and put them into a moderate oven or stove; when done, detach them gently from the paper with a knife, and place them on a sieve in a dry place. Just before they are sent to table, fill each with a little whipped cream, to which add a small quantity of either orange-flower, rose, or vanilla water.