Most kinds of nuts, and almonds, from their milky or oily nature, contain a good deal of nourishment; but they require to be well chewed, as they are difficult of digestion. Persons with weak stomachs should not eat them. The worst time at which they can be eaten is after a meal.

Nuts Pralined

Take a pound of Spanish nuts, take them out of their shells, and put them into a pan, with a pound of loaf sugar, and a little water; let them boil till they begin to sparkle; then take them off the fire, and stir them well with a wooden spoon, till you perceive the 6ugar turns gravelly; then set them again over a slow fire, to dissolve the sugar; keep stirring, that the sugar may stick to the nuts, and when you see them turn reddish, and are well covered with sugar, take them off, pour them into a sieve, cover them with a clean cloth, and put them into a stove; this will preserve their gloss.

Nut Bonbons

" Boil a pound of Spanish nuts; when they are well boiled, rub off their skin with a napkin, if some stick too hard, pare it off with a knife; grate your nuts very fine on a sheet of paper; then take a pound of powdered sugar to a pound of nuts, put it in a pan over a slow fire; when your sugar is all melted (you must stir it constantly with a wooden spoon) put your nuts in, and work them well till all is well mixed, and pour it upon a tin plate; then spread it with a rolling pin, this must be done very quickly, as it cools very fast; when it is cold, cut it into what form you please; you must take care the sugar is not too much melted, for it is very apt to soften when the nuts are added to it.