Oil Of Jupiter

Take three quarts of spirits of wine, flavored with essential oil of lemon, the same quantity flavored with spirit of cedrat; make a sirup with seven pounds of sugar, a gallon of water, and two bottles of Scubac; mix the whole together, and by stirring, it will become thick; to clarify it, take the whites of two eggs in about a pint of the liqueur, and afterwards put it to the whole; stir it; then put it into a still in the bain marie moderately heated; let it remain for twelve hours; filter the produce of your distillation, and bottle it.

Oil Of Venus

Reduce the following articles to an impalpable powder: - an ounce of skirret seeds, an ounce of caraway seeds, an ounce of anise seeds, a drachm and a half of mace, and the rind of an orange; infuse these for five days in a gallon of brandy, then distil from it in a bain marie, two quarts of liqueur; dissolve over the fire four pounds of sugar in two quarts of pure water; when cold, mix it with the distilled liqueur, and color it of a clear yellow, with a little tincture of saffron; filter and bottle it; seal the corks.

Oil Of Myrtle

Pet two ounces of peach leaves, and the half of a nutmeg, bruised, into six quarts of brandy; distil from this in a bain marie alembic your liqueur, in which, infuse half a pound of myrtle flowers for four days. Dissolve five pounds of sugar in three quarts of pure river water; the moment it begins to boil, take it from the fire, and let it cool; take the myrtle flowers from the liqueur, and put in the sugar; mix!he;n well, color it with tincture of saffron, strain and bottle it.