Pick and peel lialf a pint of mushrooms (the smaller the better); wash them very clean, and put them into a saucepan, with half a pint of veal gravy or milk, a little pepper and salt, and an ounce of butter rubbed with a table-spoonful of flour; stir them together, and set them over a gentle fire, to stew slowly till tender; skim and strain it.


It will be a great improvement to this, and the two following sauces, to add to them the juice of half a dozen mushrooms, prepared the day before, by sprinkling them with salt, the same as when you make ketchup; or add a large spoonful of good double mushroom ketchup.

See Quintessence of Mushrooms.

Mushroom For Boiled

Turkey or Fowl. Pick clean and wash a pint of small mushrooms, rub them with flannel, put them into a saucepan with a blade of mace, a little salt, grated nutmeg, a piece of butter rolled in flour, and a pint of cream, keep stirring them till they boil, then pour them round the turkey, fowl, or chicken.