Orange Jelly (1)

Squeeze the juice of eight oranges and six lemons, grate the peel of half the fruit, and steep it in a pint of cold water; mix it with the juice, three-quarters of a pound of loaf sugar, one ounce and a quarter of isinglass, and the beaten whites of seven eggs; put it into a saucepan, and stir it till it boils; let it boil a few minutes, and strain it through a jelly-bag till clear; put it into a mould or glasses.

Orange Jelly (2)

Boil in a pint of water one ounce and a quarter of picked isinglass, the rind of an orange cut thin, a stick of cinnamon, a few corianders, and three ounces of loaf sugar, till the isinglass is dissolved; then squeeze two Seville oranges or lemons, and enough oranges to make a pint of juice: mix all together, and strain it through a tamis or lawn sieve into a basin; set it in a cold place for half an hour; pour it into another basin free from sediment; and when it begins to congeal, fill your mould: when wanted, dip the mould into lukewarm water; turn it out on a dish, and garnish with orange or lemon cut in slices, and placed round. N. B. - A few grains of saffron put in the water will add much to its appearance.