To eight pounds of damsons, put eight pounds of fine sugar, and half a pint of water; boil them for half an hour over a gentle fire, till the skins break; then take them oft', and set them by for an hour; set them on the fire again, for half an hour more; set them by again for the same time; do so the third time; while they stand off the fire, put a weight upon them to keep them under the sirup. The last time, you must boil them till you perceive they are of a very high color in the part where the skin is broken; then take them oft", set them by to cool, and when they are cold, drain off the sirup, and make the jelly in the following manner: - Boil a quantity of green apples, green gooseberries, and quince cores, to a mash; then strain them through a hair sieve. Take an equal quantity of this jelly and the former sirup, and boil them over a gentle fire together till they jelly; skim it well, and while it is hot, put it into glasses or pots.