Take a pound and a half of sifted flour, and having placed it on your slab, make a hole in the middle of it, into which put three-quarters of a pound of brown sugar, half a pound of fresh butter, the rind of two lemons grated, and ten eggs; knead all these ingredients together well, until you have a pretty firm paste; if it should be too thin, add a handful more flour. Then cut the paste into small pieces, each of which roll in the palms of your hands, till they are the length and thickness of your finger; take a round stick (about half the diameter of your paste), press this down on each of the pieces, so that they may be their original thickness on one side, and thin on the other; when all are thus pressed, form them into little crowns (the flat side inwards, and the thin end uppermost), lay them on white paper, and bake them in a moderate oven; in the meanwhile, make some white sugar varnish or icing, and when the perlingos are sufficiently done, dip them carefully in the varnish, one by one; then replace them in the oven, a minute or two, to dry.