Perch Boiled

Put them into cold water, and let them boil carefully; serve with melted butter and soy.

Perch Broiled

Scrape, gut, and wash them; dry them in a cloth, dust them with flour, and broil them. Sauce; - melted butter. Or they may be broiled without gutting them. They may also be stewed as carp are done.

Perch With Wine

Having scaled and taken out the gills, put the perch into a stewpan, with equal quantities of stock and white wine, a bay-leaf, a clove of garlic, a bunch of parsley and scallions, two cloves, and some salt. When done, take out the fish, strain off the liquor, the dregs of which mix with some butter and a little flour; beat these up, set them on the fire, stirring till quite done, adding pepper, grated nutmeg, and a ball of anchovy butter. Drain the perch well, and dish them with the above sauce.