Carp, Boiled

Scale and clean a brace of carp, reserving the liver and roe; take half a pint of vinegar, or a quart of sharp cider, add as much water as will cover the fish, a piece of horse-radish, an onion cut into slices, a little salt, and a faggot of sweet herbs; boil the fish in this liquor, and make a sauce as follows: - strain some of the liquor the fish has been boiled in, and put to it the liver minced, a pint of Port wine, two anchovies, two or three heads of shallots chopped, some salt and black pepper, a little Cayenne, a table-spoonful of soy; boil and strain it, thicken it with flour and butter, pour it over the carp hot, garnish with the roe fried, cut lemon and parsley.

Stewed Carp

Scale and clean a brace of carp, reserving the liver and roe; pour over the fish in a deep pan a pint of vinegar, which may be elder vinegar, if the flavor is preferred, with a little mace, three cloves, some salt and Jamaica pepper, two onions sliced, a faggot of parsley, basil, thyme, and marjoram; let them soak an hour, then put them in a stewpan with the vinegar, and other things, the liver chopped, a pint of Madeira, and three pints of veal stock; stew them an hour or two according to their size; take out the fish and put them over a pan of hot water to keep warm while the following sauce is made: - Strain the liquor, and add the yolks of three eggs beaten, half a pint of cream, a large spoonful of flour, and a quarter of a pound of butter, stir it constantly, and just before putting it over the carp, squeeze in the juice of a lemon. Boil or fry the roe. Plain boiled carp may be served with this sauce, and is dished in a napkin.

Carp, Fried

Clean and scale a carp; split it up the back; flatten the backbone, sprinkle your fish with flour, then sprinkle the roes which have been put aside, put the whole into a frying-pan made very hot, fry to a rich color, and serve it with lemon-juice.