Take as much spinach as will fill a good sized dish, put it in a saucepan without any water, set it on the fire, and let it boil; then drain off all the liquor, chop the spinach very fine, and return it to the saucepan, with the water just drained from it, more water, onions, three or four potatoes, a lettuce or head of endive cut small, the bones of any cold roast meat, if you have them, and half a pound of bacon; put the whole on the fire, and when it has boiled for about an hour, put in a few suet dumplings; leave it twenty or thirty minutes longer; season it well with cayenne, and serve.

Pepper Pot In A Tureen

Stew gently in four quarts of water, till reduced to three, three pounds of beef, half a pound of lean ham, a bunch of dried thyme, two onions, two large potatoes pared and sliced; then strain it through a cullender, and add a large fowl, cut into joints and skinned, half a pound of pickled pork sliced, the meat of one lobster minced, and some small suet dumplings, the size of a walnut. When the fowl is well boiled, add half a peck of spinach, that has been boiled and rubbed through a cullender; season with salt and cayenne. It is very good without the lean ham and fowl.