Dumplings, Hard

Mix as for a paste, some flour with small beer or water, and a little salt; roll them in balls rather larger than an egg; when the water boils put them in: half an hour will boil them; currants may be added; they are good boiled with beef. They are eaten either with cold or melted butter.

Dumplings, Half-Hour

Mince finely half a pound of suet, mix it with the same proportion of grated bread, and a table-spoonful of flour, a quarter of a pound of currants, some sugar, a little grated lemon-peel, nutmeg, and three well-beaten eggs; roll the mixture into round balls, tie them in bits of linen, and boil them for half an hour. Serve with melted butter and sugar poured over them.

Dumplings, Norfolk

With a pint of milk, two eggs, a little salt, and some flour, make a batter; drop this in small quantities into a pot of boiling water; they will be boiled in three minutes; throw them into a sieve or cullender to drain.

Dumpling Paste

Make a paste with flour, milk, salt and yeast; let it stand sometime in a warm place to ferment; then cut the paste into pieces of what size you please, and boil them a good while; let them cool; then cut each into two, and soak them in milk sugar, and lemon-peel, about an hour, and drain and flour them fit for frying; or, you may dip them in oil or melted butter to broil, basting with the same as they were dipped in.