How To Stew (1) Duck

Cut one or two ducks into quarters; fry them a light brown in butter; put them into a saucepan, with pint of gravy, a tea-cupful of Port wine, our onions whole, pepper and some salt, a ounch of parsley, two sage leaves, a sprig of winter savory, and sweet marjoram. Cover the pan closely, and stew them till tender; take out the herbs and pepper; skim it; if the sauce be not sufficiently thick, mix with two table-spoonfuls of it a little flour, and stir it into the saucepan; boil it up, and garnish the dish with the four onions.

How To Stew (2) Duck

Put into a duck some pepper,.salt, a minced onion, and one leaf of sage also minced; half roast it; brown with two ounces of butter, a table-spoonful of flour; add as much weak stock or water as will half cover the duck, and some pepper and salt; put in the duck, and a quart of green peas; let it stew for half an hour, stirring it now and then. For a variety, a dozen of middling-sized onions may be substituted for the peas, and stewed the same length of time. Cold roasted duck may be dressed exactly in the same manner; and to hash it, cut it into joints, and heat it thoroughly in gravy, adding a little soy, and a glass of Port wine.