Dutch Flummery (1)

Boil, with a pint of white wine, some sugar, the juice of two, and the pee) of one lemon, a stick of cinnamon, and half an ounce of dissolved isinglass; strain, and mix it with the well-beaten yolks of seven eggs, stir it over the fire till it simmer, but do not allow it to boil; stir it till quite cold, and put it into a shape.

Dutch Flummery (2)

Boil for ten minutes, in half a pint of white wine, and the same proportion of water, the juice of three, and the peel of two lemons, rather more than a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar, and an ounce of isinglass dissolved; strain, and mix it gradually with the beaten yolks of five eggs; put it again over the fire, and stir it for five minutes; stir it till cold, and put it into a shape.