Pig's Head Collared

Very nicely scour the head and ears; take off the hair and snout, and take out the eyes and brain; let it lay for one night in water; then drain it; salt it extremely well, with common salt and saltpetre, and let it lie for five days. Boil it sufficiently to take out the bones; then lay it on a dresser, turning the thick end of one side of the head towards the thick end of the other, to make the roll of an equal size; sprinkle it well with salt and white pepper, and roll it with the ears; and, if you think proper, put the pig's feat round the outside, when boned, or the thin parte of a couple of cow-heels. Put it into a cloth, bind with a broad tape, and boil it till quite tender; then put it under a weight, and do not take off the covering until it is quite cold. It you wish it to be more like brawn, salt it longer, and let the proportion of saltpetre be greater, and put in also some pieces of lean pork, and then cover it with cow-heel, to look like the horn. This may be kept either in or out of pickle of salt and water, boiled with vinegar. If likely to spoil, slice and fry it, either with or without batter.

How To Pot Pig's Head

Split the head of a small pig, take out the brains, cut off the ears, and let it lie in cold water for one day, then boil it till all the bones come out; take off the skin, keeping it as whole as possible. Chop the tongue and all the meat while it is hot; season it highly with pepper, salt, and nutmeg; place part of the skin at the bottom of a potting-pan or bowl, lay in the chopped meat, and put the rest of the skin over the top,; press it down hard, place a small plate upon it, put on that a heavy weight, which must not be taken off till it be perfectly cold. Boil up part of the liquor with some vinegar and salt, and keep the head in this pickle. It may be served for breakfast or luncheon, and is eaten with vinegar and mustard.

Soused Pig's Head And Feet

Clean them extremely well and boil them; take for sauce part of the liquor, and add vinegar, lime or lemon juice, salt, cayenne, and pepper; put in, either cut down or whole, the head and feet; boil all together for an hour, and pour it into a deep dish. It is eaten cold with mustard and vinegar.