Pig's Feet And Ears Pickled

Wash the feet and ears very clean, and between every foot put a bay-leaf; when they are well soaked, add some cloves, mace, co riander-seed, and ginger; put a bottle of white wine to three pair of feet and ears, some bay-leaves, a hunch of sweet herbs; let them boil gently til! they are tender, then take them out of the liquor, lay them in art earthen pan; when cold, take off the fat, and strain the liquor over them. They eat well cold, or warmed in the jelly, thickened with batter rolled in Hour; or take the feet and ears out of the jelly, dip them in yolk of egg, and then in crumbs of bread, and broil them, or fry them in butter; lay the ears in the middle, and the feet round: or ragout them.

Pig's Feet And Ears Soused

Clean them, and boil them till they are tender; then split the feet, and put them and the ears in salt and water. When you use them, dry them well in a cloth, dip them in baiter, fry them, and send them to table with malted butter in a boat. They may be eaten cold, and will keep a considerable time.

How To Stew Pig's Feet

Clean them well, and boil them till they are tender. Brown some butter with flour, and add it to a quantity of gravy or water sufficient to slew the feet in. Season with a minced onion, three sage leaves, salt, and black pepper. Cut the feet in two, add them, and cover the pan closely; let them stew half an hour. A little before serving, mix in half a table-spoonful of lemon pickle or vinegar, and pick out the sage leaves.