One large pine-apple, or two small ones. Half a pound of powdered white sugar, Half a pint of cream.

Pare your pine-apple, cut it in small pieces, and leave out the core. Mix the pine-apple with the sugar, and set it away in a covered dish till sufficient juice is drawn out to stew the fruit in.

Make and bake two shells of puff-paste ill soup-plates.

Stew the pine-apple in the sugar and juice till quite soft; then mash it to a marmalade with the back of a spoon, and set it away to cool.

When the shells are baked and cool, mix the pine-apple with half a pint of cream, and fill the shells with it. Grate loaf-sugar over the top.

These tarts are very fine.

If your pine-apple is not of the largest size, one will not be sufficient for two tarts.