Potato Biscuits (1)

Beat the yolks of fifteen eggs with a pound of sifted sugar, grate the rind of a lemon on a piece of lump sugar; scrape off the yellow sugar with a knife, and having dried it well, add it to the above, and continue to beat till it becomes quite white; in the meantime whip up an equal number of whites, and mix them lightly with the rest; then sift into it half a pound of potato flour; stir it in, and pour the preparation into paper cases, but not to fill them; glaze, and place the cases on paper laid on a clean baking-tin, and bake in a moderate oven.

Potato Biscuit (2)

Beat separately the yolks and whites of fifteen eggs, and with the yolks beat a pound of pounded and sifted loaf sugar, and the grated peel of a lemon; when very light add the whites, and sift in through a silk sieve half a pound of flour of potatoes; mix all lightly together, half fill paper cases, and strew over them roughly pounded sugar, put a piece of paper upon a board, place the paper cases upon it, and bake them in a moderate oven. To ornament them, put here and there upon the top a little red-currant jelly, and serve them.